Healthy Ideas for a Happy New Year

Someone once said “Time is funny stuff…you save it by spending it wisely.” Spend your time wisely by making sure your resolutions have purpose. The kind that offers you happiness, success, and fulfillment are going to be more realistic and obtainable for you. When thinking about changes to make for the New Year, focus on the behavior, rather than the outcome itself. Many people want to lose weight, but putting the effort into how to make that happen will have a better outcome. Resolutions should be actions that you are willing and able to change.

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5 Healthy Eating Tips for National Women's Health Week

As we celebrate National Women’s Health Week, here are a few tips for healthy eating. Most of us know what we eat matters. This week, try to make it a goal to eat a few more fruits and vegetables every day and work out every day. Those things alone can make all the difference in improving your health, and especially the health of your heart.

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