How Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine Can Improve Quality of Life

Did you know the practice of acupuncture dates back to as far as 100 BC? Originating in China, this traditional Eastern medicine is also used regularly in the West by holistic healthcare practitioners. Our very own integrative medicine specialist Dr. Leslie Smith, MD, LAc, and licensed acupuncturist, Corry Meyer, LAc, use acupuncture along with other holistic techniques like cupping, herbal medicine, dietary counseling, and moxibustion to help our SIU Medicine patients heal from the inside out. In fact, we have a full Chinese herbal pharmacy in the Family Medicine department to make sure that our patients have access to safe, quality herbal medicine.

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How to Exercise Summer-Style

Traditional Asian Medicine (TAM) views the body as part of the animal kingdom and subject to the rhythms of nature. Whether you believe in evolution or intelligent design, our bodies were developed to interact and be in sync with the natural world. Modern living tends to dramatically filter out nature and its associated rhythms. We modify our environment to fit our comfort with electric lights, A/C and heating, etc., leading to changes in sleep patterns and other lifestyle behaviors that are out of sync with nature. According to TAM, these disruptions in our biorhythms lead to disease.

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