Hormones and Healthy Bones: What's the Link?

Bone health matters—no bones about it! At SIU Medicine, our team is educating the community to learn more about bone health, including what can affect your bone mineral density and how to protect it.

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Understanding Erectile Dysfunction, a Leading Men’s Health Concern

Among the many different health issues affecting men, erectile dysfunction is one of the most reported problems, and is something easy to discuss during June - Men's Health Month.

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Restoring Your Heart Health: A Guide to Mitral Valve Regurgitation and the MitraClip Procedure

Heart health matters. Your heart is a critical muscle that pumps blood to each part of your body, giving your body the oxygen and nourishment it needs. Problems that disrupt your heart’s routine need to be addressed by a doctor as soon as possible. Symptoms like shortness of breath or a fluttering heartbeat might be caused by something called mitral valve regurgitation. 

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Understanding Neurocognitive Disorders: Types, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Neurocognitive disorder might not be a common term discussed in many households, but unfortunately, the occurrence of neurocognitive disorders is common.

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The Many, Surprising Uses for Botox

Botox is one of the most well-known medications on the market. Most people know it as a treatment or prevention of wrinkles that makes skin look more youthful. But, Botox can be used for several other reasons too.

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Celebrate Employee Health and Fitness Month with These 6 Ways to Boost Your Heart Health

Employee health matters. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that productivity losses due to absenteeism costs U.S. companies $225.8 billion each year. And, heart disease and stroke are among the most common and expensive health issues facing our nation today. Treatment for these problems amounts to $1 out of every $6 spent on health care in this country.

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5 Ways to Stay Healthy This Year

By May, most people's New Year’s resolutions go right out the window. This year can be different! Make an effort to check in with a friend, or be self-accountable monthly and reevaluate how you’re doing with your goal to stay healthy this year. If you’ve fallen off track, get your priorities in order and make the choices to become the healthiest version you can be for yourself.

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