When was the last time you had a wellness exam with your primary care doctor? If you're not sure, now is the perfect time to schedule one at SIU Medicine. Our institution is home to dozens of experienced and highly trained primary care physicians who provide thorough annual physicals, basic wellness check-ups, preventive screening assessments, follow-ups, specialist referrals and more.

There are plenty of benefits for staying up-to-date with your primary care visits. Heres five.

5 Reasons to Schedule Regular Wellness Exams with Your Primary Care Doctor

1. Wellness exams and preventive screenings prolong your life.

Studies show that preventive health screenings and wellness check-ups increase life expectancy. How often you schedule these services depends on things like your current health and specific risk factors for chronic disease.

If youre healthy and dont have any major risk factors you may not need a full physical every year, but you shouldnt skip it altogether. Your doctor can help you determine which tests and exams are right for you (and when).

2. Wellness exams prevent and reduce your risk of long-term health problems.

In almost all cases, preventing a health problem is less stressful and less expensive than treating one. Regular wellness exams with your primary doctor—in addition to preventive lifestyle behaviors such as regular exercise and healthy eating—improve the quality of your life by helping you avoid disease and dysfunction.

3. Wellness exams can detect illnesses that could otherwise go unnoticed.

Wellness visits improve and promote access to preventive screenings for cancer and other conditions. This is essential, because chronic health conditions can sometimes progress for years before signs and symptoms appear.

Screening and diagnosis during this early asymptomatic stage can improve outcomes by streamlining care and helping you receive necessary interventions and treatments sooner.

4. Wellness exams allow you and your doctor to establish medical baselines and keep your medical records updated.

Regular wellness exams keep your medical records up-to-date and ensure that follow-ups and other procedures are appropriately scheduled.

The regular wellness exam also helps you develop a good relationship with your doctor. This can improve the quality of your care and communication, and make it easier to discuss important issues (such as lifestyle modifications) with honesty and comfort.

5. Wellness exams save you money!

Many insurance plans pay for a yearly physical. Some insurance companies and employers even offer benefits to those that get wellness exams on a yearly basis. But even the small amount of money you may invest in routine primary care visits can save you thousands of dollars over the course of your life, since weve already seen how these visits promote early detection, disease prevention and up-to-date treatment plans.

Is It Time to Schedule a Wellness Exam with Your Primary Care Physician?

At SIU Medicine, our primary care physicians can help you manage your day-to-day healthcare needs in a way that allows you to take ownership of your health and remain informed about your wellness needs.

Whether youre due for your next check-up or would like a referral to one of our many highly trained specialists, we encourage you to call SIU Medicine at (800) 342-5748. Itd be our honor to connect you with a leading doctor in the greater Springfield, IL area.

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